Phat Fred - Don't Spoil The Soup! (CD)

Phat Fred - Don't Spoil The Soup! (CD)
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Hammond soul from Spain!!

January 2005: from the bossom of mother Jazz Funk trio Fast3 came the newborn Phat Fred. Although only containing one member from the original Fast3 line-up; English born guitarist/vocalist and father Dave Wilkinson; the roots run deep and family resemblance can be seen.

Bored with Barcelona's "up-tight" jazz and funk scene, Daddy Dave, after a temporary breakup with his good lady Fast3, wanted to create something different: an amalgamation of everything he loved and lusted after in music...a monster!! So it was, with Fast3's second (and mainstay) drummer (and fellow countryman) Caspar St. Charles as co-pilot, Dave set off across the treacherous and baron landscape that was Barcelona's roots music scene to find the holy grail: a good, deep, down and funky bass player and the even holier grail: a replacement for brother Phil! Fortunately this little tale wouldn't make much of a Holywood blockbuster because the search was easier than first feared. Dave's flatmate, Tito Bonacera (Argentina), was close at hand, although not too close that the funk couldn't be seen for the trees...that is to say, there was so much funk comin' out of Tito's room that it felled everything in it's path...FUNK POWER! Equally at home holding down a bootsie line for 30 minutes without changing a note as with slapping his plank around, Tito jumped on board and the 3 funketeers set out in search of some golden fingers!

At the end of nearly every Fast3 gig there appeared an energetic character, with goatee beard and wide eyes, spouting phrases like "de puta madre" and "la hostia" which translate into somtething like "splendid" and "good show old boys" in English. That was Arecio Smith (Spain), and such was his enthusiasm and stage prescence that he was first and only choice. With his down home organ chops, and love of all things deep and purple, Arecio got the show really jumping. As anyone who's seen Phat Fred live will tell you..."he's a nutter!"

So, set upon a quick and healthy path to puberty, little Fred went on into the rehearsal studio to practice classic funk covers, old Fast3 tunes, and write original and explosive blends of pure funk, blues, rock and whatever else happened to be an influence at the time. Time marched on, more gigs were played, the covers dropped off and a repertoire of extremely catchy original tunes took centre stage. Throughout 2005 the stage act was developed, embelished and allowed to bloom at times tantilizingly out of control, whilst the music was refined, honed and tightened like a well formed athletic from unsightly blemishes, marks and excess fat (note: thats fat with an F not with a PH, of which there is an abundance!). That was and always will be the attraction of Phat Fred: an disarming and almost punk influenced stage show, with uncannily tight and expertly played musical accompaniment.

Fred was ready to "spread his seed" and the recording studio was to be his choice of lovers! Overseen by a highly qualified technical team, the birth was a great success, taking only 2 days and utilizing almost all first takes, "Don't Spoil The Soup!" was born to proud parents. Thanks to a long term friendship with Hammondbeat Records, starting 4 years ago with mother Fast3, that little "Don't Spoil The Soup" is now available for all to have, hold and make "cuchi cuhci" noises at in the confort of their own home.

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