Fuad & The Feztones * Beeramid (LP)

Fuad & The Feztones * Beeramid (LP)
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After we from SOUNDFLAT RECORDS couldn't discover "good taste in music" during our expedition in Egypt, in lieu thereof we met the pseudo Egypt gang and beer-like drinks  swigging frat boys about FUAD RAMSES in Montreal, Canada.

But when these guys are less interested in egyptological expeditions and take off their fezes, they can be found in the two probably most legendary Garage-Punk- and Rocking-Indie-Bands from Canada. On the one hand we have FUAD RAMSES, vocals and guitar at the FEZTONES and RICH N. READY, bass, who in reality bang around as BOBBY BEATON and JOHN DAVIS in the legendary Garage-Punk-Combo THE GRUESOMES. On the other hand there is LEW DACTS on the drums at the FEZTONES and on saxophone and keyboard TIP HAZARD, who are known better as DAVE HAELIN and LIAM O'NEIL from the Canadian Indie-Rock-Band THE STILLS!

Having released their first single "IN THE VALLEY OF THE KINGS" by RICOCHET SOUNDS RECORDS, which received such a great feedback, that the 4 Canadian college boys decided to put more blood, sweat and consume of beer in this side-project in order to record a throughout complete LP out of a mix of R&B, 60's-TWIST and GARAGE-SOUL with a strong lacing of egyptic exotic sound.

It's expressed without exaggeration, that original 60's R&B- and SOUL-Bands like BOOKER T & THE MG'S, MARKEYS and WILLIE MITCHEL, solists like FREDY KING or KING CURTIS and all the inane Garage-Beat-Bands like SAM THE SHAME & THE PHARAOHS and KINGSMEN are revived with this project. The two covers "Camel Walk" (original by the IKETES and "The COOL BIRD" by THE FIVE DU NOTES) show too, whereto the journey musically will lead.

Also with their self-composed stompers and twisters FUAD & THE FEZTONES achieve to resurrect the sound and the feeling of 60's party- and (Go-Go)-dance characteristics. Super cool and appropriate too is the consequently and especially taken subject about Egypt, Pharaos etc., which preeminently comes along with name of the band FUAD & THE FEZTONES. Although this does't do the festive mood any harm, it rather brings in an exact portioned exotic and easily mad touch. Songs like "Kaior Twist", "The Gooch", "Camel Soul" and of course the opener "Beeramid" stand for themselves, aren't they?

The "EGYPTIAN FRAT-ROCK SOUND" has risen from its grave and will be carried out into the big, wide world by means of the mummified FUAD & their fezes swinging FEZTONES!

With all these Party anthems it was obvious, that SOUNDFLAT RECORDS is going to release this LP, in addition to the CD version, which again was released by RICOCHET SOUND RECORDS, in "BLACK GOLD" called vinyl.

If by playing this record, the "Camel Walk", the "Monkey", the "Cool Bird", the "Boogaloo" or the "Twist" will be danced to is utterly marginal. Therefore it's obvious, that you better will tie or keep hold of your camel, because with this party sound your camel will rock its hooves too. So go and quickly trade your turban off against a fez and the party can begin!

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