Dustbowl - Goin' Down (CD)

Dustbowl - Goin' Down (CD)
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It seems that for most of the alternative underground Greek rock bands, releasing a record is an ultimate goal in itself. While a number of Greek bands manage to release one record, after the record is released (if it’s ever released at all) most don’t know what to do with. A couple of gigs here and there, some online reviews and that’s it. Try to bring yourself to remember any Greek bands that managed to follow their first (and only) record with a second, let alone a third and so forth. All in all try to recall Greek bands that managed to release records consistently, evolve their sound through recording and playing live and generally making something of a career out of it. I know. Only a handful of names spring to mind. Last Drive, Earthbound…and very very few others! Well, you can add Dustbowl to that small list.

Going Down” is their second record in two years, following last year’s acclaimed “Troublebound & Lonesome”, and the keyword here folks is evolution. While their first one was mostly a two beat country rockabilly affair (albeit a faultlessly executed one) a couple of the songs hinted at a more diverse direction. It seems that Dustbowl on “Going Down” have gone full throttle towards that direction. While the terms Americana and Country still apply, here we have a more diverse and atmospheric effort. The slower more cinematic numbers bring to mind Green on Red, Thin White Rope, Cowboy Junkies or even those beautiful desert instrumentalists Pell Mel. Calexico and Earthbound (Alex K lends vocals on the record) are also quite obvious references. There are also some rather radical departures as in the up-tempo “Lean on Me” which could have been lifted directly out of a Barracudas record (it’s no wonder the latter’s Jimmy Gluck guests on the record). Furthermore there’s a Steve Wynn aura hanging about the record most notably in tracks like “Junkyard Blues”. The most obvious departure from “Troublebound & Lonesome” to “Going Down” is the vocals. Gone is Big George’s rock a billy crooning, in comes guitar player DD Dynamite who takes over the lead vox and brings a more nasal Nicky Sudden/Johnny Thunders performance. And a special mention should go to Telecaster Nick’s phenomenal guitar playing who shines through the whole disc, all right-hand alternate picking and brilliant telecaster resounding tones.

"I love what Dustbowl managed to do with this record. They managed to bring together all their different influences into a coherent whole. There is variety and the record flows seamlessly. That’s a lesson people for all the bands that pigeonhole themselves in strict and narrow scenes (especially Greek bands who display more than a tendency for pigeonholing themselves). It’s not rockabilly, desert, garage, punk, stoner or whatever the fuck you wanna call it. It’s just rock n’ roll. But painting oneself into a corner is a refuge for mediocre people and untalented musicians. Dustbowl is neither."

"Tasos Palaiologos"


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