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Hi from the Green Cookie records headquarters ...

First of all we would like to THANK you once more for supporting the Green Cookie records. We are part of the scene since 1988 and you already know that we release the music we LOVE. We always say that we release CDs and LPs that we would buy for our personal collection if another label had them in its catalogue.

You also know that even if the economic situation here in Greece, but also in the rest of the world, is too bad, we are keep releasing records (not always with enough profits to cover our expenses) and our catalog is now on the number GC030 with the compilation "Travel Sickness Pills" cd, a 7" color vinyl by the Bob Urh & the Vinylators, the TMGS new cd, and more stuff that is coming out soon.

Meanwhile we've created a new e-shop with all of our releases and also some stuff from friendly labels from all over the world. Please visit our web on www.greencookie.gr/shop to find out more music, some really cheap and some really rare items we carry. This way you give us the strength we need and support our main activity that is releasing more good, underground music not available elsewhere. Now is the right time to support the really indie labels!!

Yours truly

Mike & Nikos

The Green Cookie records team!

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